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Mandela Day Continues…

Although Mandela day took place on the 18th July 2015, many have been inspired to continue giving, sharing and serving. We appreciate all the donations that have come in. it greatly enables us better meet the needs our women and children in fighting the battle against Gender Based Violence. We would like to acknowledge everyone who have made donations and appreciate all your efforts.

We would like to thank:

Masterland Payment Gateway Services, who donated a Toyota Sprinter

Broad Reach, who donated 3 laptops, 3 big tablets, 30 other tablets, 19 cell phones and 9 3’G’

Fine Chemicals, who donated toiletries, games, groceries, blankets, heaters, camp cots, baby items, a blender, a digital camera, 3 televisions jewellery, for braaing, providing hotdogs, cool drinks, party packets as well as for doing the presentation on drawing up a curriculum vitae.

Stowe Holdings, who donated food and clothing

Cliff Dekker, who donated Heaters, Pampers Diapers, Clothing, Blankets and Groceries

CCID, for donating non-perishables and clothing.

Thank you also to Tanika De Jager, Anisha Allie and Aqueela Khan for the donations made this month!

We thank you for the great impact that you have made this Mandela Day, for your generosity and kindness. Many of the gifts received will still be enjoyed for years to come.