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Newborn found in dustbin

Newborn Rescued

Paramedics with the newborn baby that they managed to resuscitate after it had been dumped in the bin of a Durban office block. Picture: Netcare 911

 / 9 January 2017, 11:44am

ANA Reporter

Durban – A newborn baby, wrapped in black plastic bags, was found dumped in a dustbin in central Durban on Monday.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha said that the baby had been found in a dustbin in the toilets on the second floor of the Commercial Towers Building office block in Durban’s central business district.

Botha said: “The advanced life support paramedic and his team worked fervently to stabilise the child that was deprived of oxygen. After a few minutes the child responded to the treatment.”

He said the baby was taken to hospital for further care and police are investigating the baby’s abandonment.